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Acorn Home Care, LLC
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(860) 357-5333

Welcome to Acorn Home Care.
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Registering with Acorn
Once you register with Acorn, we create a confidential profile with your care requirements.  Matching you with the right care giver(s) is our goal.

Not all of it is matching your physical and training requirements (how many pounds can the caregiver lift, what training do they have, and so on).  Part of it is trying to match the right person for the job in terms of personality and temperament.  You wouldn't want to have a live-in you don't like living with you...and neither do we. 

What the care giver(s) will do
The  care givers are there to assist you with normal activities of daily living.  They can do basic household responsibilities such as doing your laundry, making meals, making your bed and changing linens.  The care giver will also do light housekeeping.

How to pay for the care giver and services
The caregiver gets paid weekly (either by us, or, if you prefer, by you). 

If you pay the caregiver directly, we recommend paying by personal check so you will have a record of all payments.  We recommend you pay the care givers on their last day of the week.  You may need to consult with your tax advisor about these payments. 

If you pay the caregiver directly, Acorn will bill you monthly for our registry fee for the previous month.  This registry fee is due by the 10th of the month and covers the scheduling and finding of caregivers for your circumstances.  Some clients prefer to be billed weekly and we can accommodate that.

If Acorn pays the caregiver directly, we will bill you weekly via email and expect payment weekly.  Acorn will provide workers' compensation.

Acorn follows up
We strive to assist you in getting the best home care and will be calling you and visiting from time to time.  We want you to be candid with us with how the care givers are doing.  Your comments will be kept in confidence.  Our business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday, but you can call our voice mail system after hours.

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